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Gnabbing a new job, an internship, or prepping for a semester or two of school are great opportunities or moments for those looking to forward their professional careers and chase their dreams. What may not be so great is having to deal with the troubles of finding a place to live that’s closer to your new chapter in life yet still easy, affordable and meets all of your needs. On top of that, you may not have the option of bringing tons of your basic utilities with you outside of your wardrobe. This is why corporate housing has become so favored, and this is where AllCity Corporate Housing has you covered.
Serviced housing for business/school purposes leads our list of clients’ reasoning for booking with us. From traveling miles and miles away for a new position in D.C., or staying in Jersey for the easy travel into NYC for a semester or two at a local university, we’ve accommodated people for whatever their reason.
Our spacious apartments are fully furnished with large bedrooms and living areas, as well as fully equipped kitchens and bathrooms, offering the true feeling of what it feels like to be home with everything you may need around you. Any stress regarding amenities you don’t have because you cannot travel with or may immediately need is eliminated.
We provide flexible short-term and long term options to our corporate clients or students who may be traveling on short term assignments or relocating for a more long term stay for their work. Regardless of the exact reasoning, we aim to provide nothing but exquisite service.

Business Travel

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