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We here at AllCity Corporate Housing, like the rest of America, thank our military personnel for ALL of their hard work and dedication in fighting for this country. Their lives are at stake every moment of the day, and risk after risk is taken to ensure our safety. It’s understood that for our soldiers, time at home is often short. It’s also understood that it may not be easy for marines to go home due to distance. As a way of showing our appreciation, we have customized temporary housing to specifically meet our military personnels' needs.
As a member of the military, “the call” is both feared yet unexpected. Being called into action can occur at a moments notice. We are aware of what a surprise military assignments, and how that call can throw plans off completely. What if someone has rented a furnished apartment through corporate housing only to find out that they have to leave two weeks earlier than planned?
AllCity has this covered, as we offer early move-out with no extra fees or penalties. Once that call comes, just let us know of the sudden change and we’ll work it out without any hassle. This is great for those who can’t go to their actual home, or for girlfriends, boyfriends, or family members to stay with them at one of our apartments.
In the end, we strongly encourage military personnel to rent with us.We look forward to and take great pride in servicing our best furnished apartments to them and providing them with all of the features they’ll need for a successful stay- whether it be a long term rental or a short term. It’s our turn to help YOU.

Government/Military Housing

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