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With the weather being as unpredictable as ever, and with the possibility of a variety of other potentially harmful events occurring to one’s home (personal or not), many valuables and memories could be taken away. What was once considered a safe haven is stripped from your life in an instant.


We here at AllCity Corporate Housing understand the unpredictability of home disasters and how they can leave a family practically homeless. Due to this, we aim to service your family immediately with more than just a great property and demonstrate the effectiveness of great, affordable corporate housing.


All of our serviced apartments are furnished to completion. These apartments are full of features ranging from wi-fi to televisions to every and all basic kitchen/bedroom/bathroom utilities you will need. Housekeeping is even provided as an added bonus. You may have lost your home for the time being, but with as furnished and maintained as our apartments are, we hope to make you feel as if you’ve never left.


Best of all is that extended stay is offered, allowing you to stay and relax for as long as you need..

Insurance/Disaster Housing

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