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Long Term Rentals / Extended Stay in New Jersey


Long term rentals, in general, are the most common lengths of stay that are booked by guests when it comes to corporate housing. They also set the basis of what corporate housing primarily targets.


A long term stay generally means a 6+month rental with a serviced apartment. All corporate housing companies strive for long term stays, as they help both the buisiness and the guest from many different angles.


Our furnished New Jersey apartments are located throughout the Newport and Exchange Place areas of Jersey City--prime locations for casual 15 minute commutes into New York City. These beautiful downtown areas of Jersey City are rented long term specifically for their quick access to NYC by the nearby PATH trains for the business travelers, those relocating for work or living purposes, and internship/school purposes.


While short term rentals are still accepted in Jersey City (length of stay must be a minimum of 5+ days), the opportunities and advantages provided by this fantastic, convenient location can only be fully taken advantage of with a long term rental.


We encourage potential guests to rent long term. Not only for the better deals and options, but because our apartments and the amenities provided were designed and supplied for you and should be enjoyed for as long as possible.



→ Call for quick information, rate estimates, or general inquires - (646)-701-0090

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