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Long Term Rentals / Extended Stay - New York


Long Term Rentals / Extended Stay New York Long term rentals, in general, are the most common lengths of stay booked by guests when it comes to corporate housing. They also set the basis of what corporate housing primarily targets.


A long term stay is generally considered as a 6+month rental with a serviced apartment. Corporate housing is geared toward guests looking for long term rentals, as apartments are designed and supplied with longetivy in mind. Apartments are furnished with the appropriate features/utilities you'll find in anybodys own home rather than a hotel.


Guests that rent long term are often those on business travel, relocating for work, internships and school purposes. Destinations in New York where we possess serviced apartments (Downtown, Chelsea, Midtown/Midtown-West) are all prime locations for these purporses. Our New York apartments were strategically chosen with convenience to schools, corporate businesses, and other work related opportunites in mind.


While short term rentals are accepted, we encourage potential guests to rent long term. Not only for the better deals and options, but because our furnished New York apartments and the amenities provided were designed and supplied for you and should be enjoyed for a long time.



→ Call for quick information, rate estimates, or general inquires - (646)-701-0090

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