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Short Term Rentals - New Jersey


Short term rentals, while not corporate housing's main target, are still quite commonly booked. Service given to those guests is still of great quality and no different than from what is given to long term renters.


A short term stay for Jersey City generally means any rental thats 5+ days. The 5 day minimum for stays is a requirement by corporate housing.


Our New Jersey properties that can be provided for short term stays, whether it be a studio or 1 bedroom apartment, are located in the areas of Newport and Exchange Place. These furnished Jersey City apartments are all conveniently located by the local PATH train station allowing for a 15 minute commute into New York City.


Short term stays have primarily been rented by guests for events (both personal or public) that last for a short amount of time. Weddings and graduations, or even major holidays such as Christmas, New Years, or Easter, are a few perfect examples for the reasoning behind short term rentals. They're all about quick relocations.


Short term rentals, while available, due come with a few drawbacks. Since corporate housing is geared toward long term rentals, rates (that would be otherwise cheaper for extended stays) will be increased. Amenities and features, however, are still available at full access.



→ Call for quick information, rate estimates, or general inquires - (646)-701-0090

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