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Short Term Rentals - New York


Although rentals in New York must be a minimum of 30 days, many wish to experience what New York City has to offer even for a short term stay. As long as your stay is above the minimum due to corporate housing rules, you are more than welcomed to rent a fully furnished New York apartment with us.


Long term rentals are preferred, but temporary accommodations are still common. Yet even with that, we design, provide and take your comments and suggestions with utmost consideration. Our rates adapt to your length of stay, ensuring that you will receive not only an affordable monthly offer, but have the amenities and features that even extended stay guests would receive.


All of our properties in various New York locations (Downtown, Midtown/Midtown-West, Chelsea) are available for short term rentals, allowing for most of the full "New York" experience to be achieved. This just depends on how long you wish to experience it.


Guests may decide on prolinging their short stays for various reasons as well. They may need more time to relocate due to personal issues like those dealing with insurance or rent mishaps, or they just wish to continue their exerperience. Extensions are perfectly fine, and capable of being set up immediately with prompt notice.



→ Call for quick information, rate estimates, or general inquires - (646)-701-0090

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